Join the Team!

Are you a student at Mount Holyoke College? Are you interested in conducting undergraduate psychological research? Are you thinking about working with our team? We would love to have you!

Students typically earn independent study credits during the academic year, depending on the amount of time that they work on research team activities. This may range from 1 credit to 4, with 1 credit requiring a minimum of 3 hours of work per week, and 4 credits requiring a maximum of 12 hours.

They can also use Lynk funding to conduct research and work with the team during the summer. For more information on Lynk funding, see the following website or send an email to

Usually, students sign up for PSYCH-295 if they have limited or no research experience, or sign up for PSYCH-395 once they complete PSYCH-204 Research Methods in Psychology.

Most students have joined the team in their third year of college, and some joined in their second or fourth year. Interested students in their first year should certainly get in touch to share their interest and to learn about research opportunities, whether that is within or outside our lab.

To apply to join the team, please fill out the Google form below. Thank you in advance!

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