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Young Sexual Minority Women’s Experiences of Sexual and Mental Health

This project is a mixed-method investigation of young sexual minority women’s experiences of sexual and mental health, with a particular focus on sexual violence. We are aiming to investigate both how experiences of sexual violence relate to health outcomes, as well as different social factors that might make sexual minority women more vulnerable for experiencing sexual violence. In addition, we are conducting interviews with young sexual minority women to get their perspectives on how these topics relate to one another.

We are currently recruiting participants for this study.


Please reach out to Corey ( if you are interested in participating!


Project contributors: Corey Flanders (PI) Lesley Tarasoff (Co-PI) Sarah Shuler-Barwick, Melissa Carney, Asiya Jawed, Kate Farmer



American Psychological Foundation: Wayne F. Placek Grant

An Exploration of the Impact of Minority Stress on Gender Non-Binary Students and Their Academic Experience

This study seeks to explore the experiences of discrimination, peer victimization, and violence among students who identify as gender non-binary; and if those experiences have any effect on perceived academic performance. It also explores whether there is any difference of experience for individuals who attend traditionally all women’s colleges vs. coed institutions.

We are currently recruiting participants from the five college consortium for this study.


Please reach out to Jaime ( if you are interested in participating!

Project contributors: Jaime Humphrey and Corey Flanders

Mount Holyoke College Student Experience Survey

Mount Holyoke College has one of the largest international student body populations in the US, making up just under 30% of the total student population in 2017.  Regardless of the significant international population on campus, however, counseling services on campus is largely underutilized by international students in comparison to domestic students. It is important to consider why this may be and whether there are barriers to counseling for international students, or currently more effective sources of support for students. This study aims to contribute to research about international student adjustment at Mount Holyoke College and provide insight into how any potential negative effects of these cultural adjustments can be addressed by the College.

We are currently looking for Mount Holyoke students to participate in this project.

Please reach out to Deborah ( if you are interested in participating!


Project contributors: Deborah Fashole-Luke and Corey Flanders

Funder: The Harap Fund