Corey Flanders
Corey Flanders

Corey Flanders (she/they) is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology and Education Department at Mount Holyoke College, and the director of the WISH research team. Corey conducts research with LGBTQ+ community on mental and sexual health equity and access, and in particular focuses on the health and wellness of bi+ community. Corey also enjoys made-for-tv sci-fi monster movies, and hanging out with their kiddos (2- and 4-legged, alike).

Milena Insalaco

Milena (she/they) is a junior at Mount Holyoke College majoring in Psychology and Philosophy and is pursuing a 5-College Certificate in Queer, Trans, and Sexuality Studies. She hopes to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology and specialize in sex, sexuality, and self-acceptance. Milena is involved in many other activities at Mount Holyoke College including the Mount Holyoke Glee Club and the Animal Welfare Association. In their free time they enjoy reading, gardening, and playing Minecraft with their little brother.

Rose Fitzgerald

Rose (they/them) is a freshman at Mount Holyoke College. They have no clue what they're going to major in, but would like to pursue a career in sex education or sustainable agriculture. Their interests outside of school include painting, knitting, roller skating, smelling candles at Target and gardening.

Saachi Khandpur

Saachi Khandpur is an international student and a senior at Mount Holyoke College. She is majoring in Psychology and Politics with a Certificate in Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice. She is interested in working with survivors of sexual violence who are also LGBTQ+ people, especially people of colour (POC) transnationally. In her free time, she likes to write, listen to music, and watch films (especially Bollywood films!).

Kelly Lam

​Kelly Lam (she/they) is a senior at Mount Holyoke College and is double majoring in Psychology and Statistics. She is also a double student liaison for both the Psychology & Education and Mathematics/Statistics departments. Kelly is interested in applying social justice and positive social change to their research. Their research interests mainly revolve around identity and the intersection of identities, and these include the mental health and wellbeing of marginalized communities, particularly pertaining to racial, gender, and sexual minorities. Outside of research and academics, Kelly is also involved with Asian/American Students In Action, otherwise known as AASIA. During Kelly's free time, she enjoys reading and writing poetry, sending letters to their friends, and making boba.

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Tingshu Liang

Tingshu Liang (she/her) is an international student and a junior at Mount Holyoke College. She is majoring in Psychology and Education. Her interests are in mental health and development. She is currently the E-board member in MHC Psychology Association and ODM dance club. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, watching Anime, and playing video games.

Hannah Middleton

Hannah is a senior at Mount Holyoke double majoring in Psychology and Statistics. She is interested in the mental health of adoptees, the mental and physical aftermath of children in custody battles, and the social belongingness of LGBTQ+ people of minorities. Hannah is a member of the varsity tennis team at Mount Holyoke. In her free time, she loves reading fiction, listening to music, and watching videos of corgis, bunnies, and manatees. 

Cecilia Myers-Rafferty

Hi! My name is Cecilia and I use she/her pronouns. I'm a junior with a major in Psychology and a minor in Critical Social Thought. My main research interests are in mental health and the impact stigma can have on anyone's mental well-being. A fun fact about me is that I love to tie-dye and draw in my freetime :)

Katherynn Susa

Kat (she/her) is a junior at Mount Holyoke College majoring in Psychology and Education. She is interested in mental health issues and trauma in children. During her free time, she enjoys being in her friends and family’s company, listening to music, and playing with her dog named Teddy.

Sydney Williams

Sydney Williams (she/her) '23


Psychology major, environmental studies minor


Research interests: Mental health, trauma, stigma, emotional processing, adolescent development


Fun fact: I have 16 aunts and uncles on my father's side 

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